You May Be From St Louis If

ST Louis

You may be from St. Louis if you know what the Whispering Wall is.

You may be from St. Louis if Chateau is pronounced Show Toe.

You may be from St. Louis if you know Illinois plated cars have scarier drivers than Missouri plated cars.

You may be from St. Louis if you know St. Patrick’s day as a legionary holiday!

You are definitely from St. Louis if ‘Cubs’ is a four letter word and the Cards are not in a deck of 52.

You are definitely from St. Louis if you have been buried in 6 inches of snow in the morning and have to wear shorts by 3:00 pm.

You are from St. Louis when you long for the outdoors in the spring.


Yes spring is right around the corner and here in St. Louis that brings a long list of to-dos from the wife after a long cold winter:

  • Closets have to be changed
  • Lawn mowers serviced
  • Yards cleaned up
  • Pools Opened
  • Air Conditioners Serviced
  • Lawn Furniture taken out of storage
  • Roof checked
  • Gutters cleaned
  • Potted plants redone

Do you have your list saved on the refrigerator? Perhaps you are very organized and its saved on your phone.

Have you started on your list?

Do you recruit help on some of them?

Ok, so there are several things on your list that you don’t want help on. After all, who wants help with the closet. Someone helping may ‘accidentally’ throw away that double breasted leisure suit that you got in 1982. You love to do spring cleaning on the yard too. It’s a rite of passage to Spring arriving, right? Oh and you secretly love to help the wife repot and replant the big flower pots? Don’t worry it will be our secret.

What about some of the other seasonal tasks? Have you opened your pool on your own before? What a bear of a job! How are all the shingles on the roof? Are you positive there aren’t any loose. How do the gutters look after that huge ice storm last January?

Hold on. You are the Savvy St. Louis Homeowner! There are times to be a DIYer and there times not to be a DIYer. Did you know that with the more skilled tasks on your list you can actually put contractors on a seasonal schedule and it takes a lot of the worry out of doing the Spring to-do list.

Since we have already established that you are among the Savvy St. Louis homeowners. Perhaps when you call the following contractor you should put them on your first string team:

Ok, so maybe you are in excellent shape and can knockout these tasks without even breaking a sweat. Do you have the training to spot a problem? How much will it cost you if you miss a loose shingle or a damaged gutter soaking the fascia? Perhaps you aren’t in top shape physically. Is it worth being sore for 2 weeks after, or even worse yet getting injured?

Of course not. You have the Cards to cheer on all the way to the World Series!