Why Leaves Are A Problem For Gutters

fall gutter cleaning

The wonderful weather of fall is finally here in many parts of the country. That morning snap in the air, cooler temperatures, and hot cocoa are things to look forward to.

You are probably not looking forward to raking leaves though. Lots of raking. Lots of leaves. Lots more raking.

But even with all that raking you’re only getting the leaves on the ground. What about those leaves that are on the roof and in your gutters?

Why Leaves In Your Gutters Are Such A Problem

Your home is your responsibility, right or wrong, good or bad. You have to maintain your home to keep it functioning correctly, keep it enjoyable for your family, and keep it’s value intact. Things like gutter cleaning just go along with owning a home. Your gutters are designed to carry rain water away from your home. This protects your roof, foundation, basement, and landscaping from expensive damage.

Gutters that are clogged with leaves are not able to do their job properly. They will trap water instead of helping to make it flow away from your home. And gutter guards are no help either – they get clogged and trap leaves on top where it can damage the gutters themselves. So face it, gutter cleaning is a must-do maintenance item, just like raking the leaves on the ground.

How Important Are Your Gutters?

Let’s just say that unless you like washed out landscaping, damaged foundations, flooded basements, and water coming in every crevice – they are pretty important. Gutters play an easy to overlook but very important role in protecting your home (and your family) from the weather. So keeping your gutters cleaned is not only very important it is cheap insurance against other problems.

What To Do About The Leaves in Your Gutters

Having your gutters cleaned by Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is your first step. You may have ignored your gutters for a while which can create a hazardous problem way up there in your gutters. Trapped water along with the leaves, twigs and muck is heavy! It can pull your gutters down or damage them beyond repair. So scheduling a regular gutter cleaning is a sure-fire way to not only avoid this from happening it also keeps your gutters free-flowing, doing their job.

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You may be thinking – can’t I just clean them myself? What’s the big deal with gutter cleaning? Well, you can clean them yourself assuming you have the ladders and tools to do the job properly. We outline the best way to clean gutters in a recent post. But really, do you want to spend the entire weekend trying to do the job? Moving and climbing up and down a ladder assuming you only have a one story home. Two stories? Think about climbing up there! National experts report that falling from ladders is a leading cause of home injuries.

How Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Can Help Take Care of Your Gutters

A professional gutter cleaning company like Clean Pro uses trained technicians with the proper equipment to do your gutter cleaning correctly and safely. And our technicians are covered with 2 million dollars in general liability insurance which gives you peace of mind just in case anything might happen. Plus, Clean Pro provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee that your gutters will be clean and working correctly when the job is done or we will come back and make it right at no charge.

There is no reason to wait any longer. Get your quote started below and get back to enjoying the fall.