Why Clean Your Own Gutters?

The Reasons Why (and Why Not To) Clean Your Own Gutters Are Easy.

It’s all about time, money, and safety.

Everyone knows to do a job correctly it is imperative to have the proper equipment… Here’s a picture of clean gutters from a recent job showing just what equipment is necessary!

equipment June 2015

Proper gutter cleaning is all about time, money, and safety. That’s it. Here’s why:

Gutter Cleaning Takes Time:

A single story home gutter cleaning (when done properly) can take 4 to 8 hours depending on the circumstances. Eaves, roof surfaces, landscaping, pools, and decks are all things that slow down the process. This doesn’t include the amount of time it will take to gather the necessary tools and equipment needed that you don’t have on hand.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment Costs Money:

In addition to the cost of the time it will take (how much is your weekend worth?) there are the costs that go along with the tools and equipment needed that you don’t have on hand. A 20 foot ladder costs $140 plus tax at most home stores. We require our techs to have a 40 foot ladder which will run over $500 in most locations. Need a leaf blower, buckets, trash bags, gloves, ladder stand offs, ladder hooks, rack, small trowel, scoops, or any of the other tools needed. They really add up fast.

Don’t Put Your Safety At Risk Just to Have Clean Gutters:

As you can see in the photo above, the gutter cleaning techs have multiple levels to clean and a variety of surfaces to work from. Proper and complete gutter cleaning requires being at the level or above the gutter edges which means you will be working 12 to 40 feet off the ground depending on your home. The number one cause of accidents and injuries at home is unsafe use of ladders. And this has to be at the top of the list.

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Of course safety also concerns things that might fall or drop while you are struggling with the ladders, walking on the roof, scraping at the gutters. They can cause problems too. Costly problems if your neighbor’s yard or car is involved!

So, you’re looking at spending the weekend to do it right, spending hundreds of dollars on tools and gear, and taking your own safety directly and needlessly into harm’s way.

Why hassle with cleaning your own gutters? Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning provides professional gutter cleaning services. You can have clean gutters for a reasonable price without any hassle, risk, or additional expense. We guarantee it!

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