Spring in St Louis

Spring In St Louis

I absolutely love living here in St. Louis and spring is hands down my favorite time of year here. Yes, I love the Cards and can’t stand the Cubs. I love the Blues and this year we are third in the central. I love emerging from the winter like a hibernating bear emerging from his den. I love rediscovering my property all over again.

I know, I am weird about it. But I love reacquainting myself with the warmth of the sun. I look forward to walking in Forest Park, the wife and I have a tradition of going to the whispering wall at Union Station, and walking the Mississippi river, I like cleaning limbs from yard, raking the remaining leaves left or blown in over the ravages of winter.

Just spending time outside, and spend time in my yard getting it cleaned up and massaging the winter out of my home tells me winter is indeed over. I love to do the minor repairs on the siding, and repairing my privacy fence, not to mention it means I get reopen my pool.

I admit it. I love doing the small things. However I don’t do the big things anymore. I keep a list in my phone of the people that I need to call at the equinox of each season. I suppose I should share that list for spring here:

  • Call the Roofers
  • Call the Gutter Cleaner
  • Call Pool Maintenance
  • Call to get the AC Cleaned

I know, I know, unless you are local, it’s hard to understand. Why call different contractors for these services instead of the local handyman.

To me its just not worth the risk. It’s not worth the liability of a guy doing work on my property that is not bonded and insured. I also respect those that are specialist in a given field. Sometimes I take a temporary leave of my senses, or as my wife calls it ‘illusions of Grandeur’.

Even if I have a fleeting thought of perhaps I can do one of these jobs this time, then I think about what if I get hurt. Even if I don’t get hurt, am I really going to doing a good job? Do I have the right tools to get the job done? I quickly come back to my senses.

Here are a few justification that I thin about every spring:

  • A roofer will spot a loose crown or a loose or missing shingle. They will notice a potential problem with that valley I am always concerned about.
  • A professional gutter cleaner is going to catch the minor problems with a gutter and they will be able to fix it on the spot, or tell me I need to get a contractor out to fix it. If that goes unchecked it could cause a leak in the eave or fascia. Then the wife jumps in and points out that leaks cause Black Mold.
  • Time for an admission. Yes, the first year I owned my pool, I thought that I could open and maintain the pool myself. Yeah, the pool was a light shade of green most the summer. Lesson learned; never again.
  • Servicing the AC. Simply not a chance. If you ever consider it, just price a new one.

By the way, did you know that most of the time you can schedule these contractors months in advance?

Hello Spring!!!! Yes I love Spring in St. Louis!