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Every year, gallons of water flows down from your home’s rooftop to your gutters and then down to your downspouts. All kinds of debris flow down along with the rain. Over time the accumulated dirt and grime will cause problems if not addressed.


Gutters are a great way to direct rainwater away from your house and foundation. Their job is to make sure that all the dirt and grime moves from the rooftop to be dropped down to the corners of the house where the mess can be disposed of properly. Now, the problem starts when there’s a clog on the gutters, and they sure are a pain to clean. Not only is it tiresome work, but it’s also quite dangerous! Climbing up an unsteady ladder and reaching in all directions while you attempt to remove dirt and dead leaves from your gutters is not a good idea if you’re inexperienced. This is where gutter cleaning companies come in.


Another factor to consider is how often should one clean the gutters or hire people to do so? Well, that depends on the location of your home and the kind and proximity of trees in the area. It’s suggested a minimum of once a year if there are no trees close to your home. If you live in a wooded area, it is highly recommended that you have your gutters cleaned twice per year—late spring and fall.

Regardless whether the homeowners clean their gutters by themselves or hire somebody else to do it, they will be forced to acts because if the clogged drain is left to continue it can be a breeding area for bad bacteria and algae. Many homeowners waste too much money repairing their roof because of black streaks and green moss on their shingles. These blemishes are actually caused by algae that eats away the limestone filler in the roof shingles. It absorbs moisture and prevents the shingles from drying, drastically shortening the lifespan of the roof.

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