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Leaves start falling from the trees, the air begins to feel crisper, especially in the morning, temperatures begin to drop, and the days get shorter, these are the signs that Autumn is approaching. Now, since the Fall season is approaching and winter is not far behind, it’s time to start doing rounds all over your house to see if there are things that need cleaning and repair. This should be every homeowner’s yearly routine.

Homeowners need to check on the working condition of their gutters and downspouts because, in autumn, trees shed their leaves where a lot of the debris end up overflowing the gutters.  Additionally, other aspects of the house need to be monitored. Check and repair caulking around doors and windows that show signs of deterioration, clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under and behind the dryer, see if the windows are drafty or difficult to open and close, and also check on the smoke detectors because house fires increase during autumn and winter months.

If after inspecting the house you find out that the gutters need cleaning, it’s a choice between getting professional help or doing the cleaning job by yourself. For some, the cost of hiring a professional to clean out your gutters is worth it, but if you’re looking to save money, you can tackle this task DIY style.

Basically, doing gutter or roof cleaning involves getting the right equipment which you can just buy at any hardware store. A ladder long enough to reach the top part of your house, dust mask and goggles to protect your face, good rubber gloves because you’re going to use to remove the debris by hand, and a bucket are some of the things you’re going to need. These simple to acquire items are what you would need for simple cleaning jobs, but the type of equipment can change depending on the gutter system of the house.

One more factor to consider is the risk involved in doing the cleaning. If your house is more than two stories, most sources recommend calling a professional to clean out second-story gutters, as the extended height could pose a safety risk. Once cleaning the gutters become too risky, even though you might be tempted to handle the task by yourself, it’s better to leave it to a professional cleaning company because they have the experience and the tools to do a better clean.

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