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One of the most obvious signs that gutters aren’t working as they properly should is when the flow of water is being clogged. It would mean that enough debris like dirt and leaves have accumulated enough on the gutters that rainwater can’t move from the gutters to the downspouts. This is a common problem which homeowners need to address at some point during the year. Ideally its good to proactively do the cleaning before the gutters get clogged. The ideal time is during spring when the ice has thawed, and during autumn, because this time is when sacks of dead leaves get caught in the gutters.

Homeowners can do the roof and gutter cleaning by themselves, but if you don’t have the time then the tendency is you’ll keep pushing the date farther and farther away to the point where it’s already too late to do the cleaning properly. There is such a thing as a bad time to do gutter cleaning. Imagine forcing yourself to go up the roofs during colder temperatures where it would be freezing and potentially windy and find yourself trying to scrape away some of the ice dams that had formed on the gutters. It’s a waste of time and very risky to your health. If you really lack time to do the work by yourself then hiring a gutter cleaning company would be the next best choice.

Professional gutter cleaners generally follow a 5-step process in cleaning. The first step is after inspecting the home is they clean the roof. It’s a top to bottom approach. The reasoning here is a good deal of debris, dirt, and leaves accumulate on the roof and roll down to the gutters. The roofs are unavoidably the source of the debris build-up.

The next two steps will be going around the gutters and scooping up all the heavy chunks of junk that’s trapped inside. Once the gutters are emptied, then the third step would be thoroughly rinsing the gutters to take care of any dirt or grime that might have been left behind.


Once rinsing is done, the gutter cleaners will inspect the condition of the gutters if they are still functioning properly. The reason for the inspection is because the gutters might have been misaligned from the heavy debris. Also, because of wear and tear, there could be potential leaks or holes in the gutters and downspouts. The homeowner will be informed if further fixes are needed.

Lastly, the homeowners won’t have to worry about where to dispose the garbage because it’s the gutter cleaners that would be bringing it with them once they leave the premises. Overall, everything from the roofs, gutters and downspouts will be cleaned once the task is done. They’ll be leaving with another satisfied customer.

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