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Storm Coming? Do your gutters need cleaning? If the gutters are not sufficiently cleaned once the rain starts, then it can be prone to damage. The fascia boards will rot and get soft resulting in the gutters misaligning or worse. Nothing is uglier than sagging gutters.

As a rule of thumb, gutters should be cleaned twice per year, but your schedule for cleaning could change depending upon the condition of the gutters. If the gutters are already clogged there are signs that you can notice so that you can already start putting on your cleaning gloves and taking out the ladder from the toolshed.

The basic sign that problems are brewing is that the gutters are overflowing with water. If the gutters aren’t doing their job in redirecting the rainwater away from the important structures of your house, then it could lead to messy situations like the basement flooding. Additionally, too much weight on the gutter would lead it to sag or, in the worst case, fall off entirely. The other problem of water not draining is it could be a breeding place for bacteria and other undesirable insects.

If the gutters are not routinely cleaned, all manner of critters or bugs will start living in your gutters. This happens because once you have clogged gutters, the leaves and dirt plus the moisture can be a good living space for these creepy crawlies. Animals like mice, squirrels, and snakes can also claim the roof area and make a nest there, and once there is sufficient biomass accumulated on the gutters, plants can also start growing. While it can be amusing to have an unplanned roof garden, it will be a pain once you do plan to clean the gutters on your own.

Now, please consider that gutter cleaning can be very dangerous. If homeowners choose to take on the task by themselves, they will have to deal with ladder work and challenging heights. Safety is paramount when completing any kind of work around one’s home when it involves ladders and heights. Why take on the risk yourself when you can hire professionals to do the job for you?

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