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Basement Flooding, Electrical shortages, roof damage, fascia board damage, and even insect infestation are just some of the problems you’ll encounter when the gutters are left improperly cleaned for years. While most homeowners pay more attention to other aspects of their house like the interior decoration and the lawn, it doesn’t exempt the fact that gutters play an important role to the overall health of the house. Rain gutters evenly dispose the water that runs from the roofs, where it prevents water flowing to the fragile parts of the house, and instead transfers it to the downspouts. This is why gutter cleaning is a very important task which can save you a lot of money and frustration.

Did you know that malfunctioning gutters can lead to expensive home foundation cracks? Or that if the gutters aren’t working properly, then it can lead to flooding which will damage the landscaping of your property? These problems can start from a gutter that was fully clogged or from gutters that were improperly cleaned. It would be easy for dirt, leaves or other debris to block the flow of water on the gutters which would result to water overflowing, thus water spills over the sides of your gutters and pool up alongside your foundation. If the water settles in during freezing temperatures, then cracks will eventually form. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that overwatering plants can kill plants just the same as under-watering them can. If the gutters can’t carry away the water, then it can spill over onto your garden beds, potentially drowning your flora. All these things are interconnected.

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Your rain gutters are just a part of the bigger whole which is your home’s rainwater disposal system, which protects important components both inside and around the house. If one link in the chain isn’t working because of disrepair, then it would lead to a lot of unwanted damages. Instead of just spending a bit of money to do regular maintenance twice a year, homeowners will be forced to spend more funds, use up more time, and will receive more frustration from making big repairs on damaged gutters. Here it’s justifiable to say that prevention is better than cure.

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