Recent Gutter Cleaning Mt Pleasant, SC – May 10, 2017

Pine trees are often cherished by home buyers since they add to the beauty of their homes.

For all their beauty, though, these trees can be trouble to maintain especially when pine needles shed from the branches onto your gutters, they can gather into clumps with leaves and other debris. If they get into gutters, they can cause clogs and lead to other costly issues around your home.

When downspouts are clogged, a high volume of water will then pour from the quickest route off of the roof, which may happen to be above your landscaped garden, your front door, or another undesirable area.

The potential damage from these factors over time is substantial.

It’s possible to get up on a ladder and clear your gutters or sweep away needle clumps from the roof yourself, but it’s a messy and a risky job.

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