Recent Gutter Cleaning Kansas City, KS – April 09, 2019

Gutter cleaning is critical for keeping your house in working order. Having a less costly alternative is an excellent way to have the ability to continue to keep your home well-maintained.

Perhaps the most common ailment to uncleaned gutters is a leak. Easily found and repaired during routine cleanings, a leak that goes unfixed can cause significant damage to your home and even the gutter itself.

If water (or melted snow/ice) does leak into your home, this can cause black mold, smells, ceiling/wall leaks, damage to your roof, moisture in the attic. It can also cause flooding in the basement. A leaking basement is one of the most hazardous possibilities because it can result in a gas leak, electrical shock, and pollutants in your home.

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Since gutters and downspouts are designed to catch the maximum flow of water from your roofline, it is crucial to make sure all drains are free and clear of debris and flowing freely. Since most gutter repairs attributed to either weather or proper maintenance issues, we recommended an annual check-up that comes included with our spring cleaning. Regular gutter maintenance will take care of any problematic areas and make sure your system is ready to go for the up-coming stormy season!