Recent Gutter Cleaning Houston, TX – August 3, 2017

Would you like to see a horror story? This one is …

A horror story arising from water damage in and around a home.Standing water can always cause mold, wood rot, and attracts insects.
Stinks, damp conditions, carpenter ant and termite infestations, flooded basements, leaking roofs and soffits are just a few.

Incorrect drainage results in water to accumulate in certain spots in the gutters. This ultimately accumulates debris and accelerates the rot problem. Although it is usual and acceptable to have an inch or less of water in the gutter at any time, care should be taken that the gutters remain clear of debris and water flows freely when raining.

Gutters should be inspected regularly. On time repair and maintenance of your gutter system can help stay away from a lot of these problems while doubling or even tripling the life of your roof drainage system.They should be carefully examined in the spring right before the spring rains occur. They should be checked again in the fall when leaves, limbs and other debris that might cause problems should be removed.

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