Our Mission

The mission of a company should always include its passions. The passions of the founders and the passions of the people who make the business a reality day by day.

That passion, for us, is putting hard working Americans back to work in the local community.  This business was founded because their existed a need to help the unemployed and the underemployed who have worked hard but the economy has been unkind to them.

We go into a city, we partner with local charities, local community organizations, police, fire, EMT, local community colleges and we find people who need jobs, skill training, and are willing to pursue their piece of the American dream through owning their business.

We take these people and give them work, give them business skill sets, and help provide long lasting work which helps them, their families and the community as well.

We are also passionate about taking profits and putting them back into the community.  As a farmer keeps back seed for future planting we think of investing in charities as a way to insure sustainability of a community.  When the cares of the community are the cares of a business you have a sustainable model that fills a need in the community.

With the tenets of putting Americans back to work and supporting local communities through direct involvement with charities we feel this is the only way of doing business and we are glad we get to do this.

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