Local Charities

If you haven’t already figured out, teaming up with local charities to support sustainable business practices is one of the key facets of how we do business.  We are always looking for deserving charities to partner up with.

From supporting local t-ball teams that can’t get uniforms to working with the different food banks, we really love to support those that can and appreciate our help.

If you would like to know more about why we give back you can read our page discussing that.  Today, though I want to highlight one of the charities that we support in Little Rock.

Catholic Charities in Little Rock Arkansas provides an absolute ton of good things for the Little Rock Community.  Whether it is helping people through AA programs, free health clinics, Adoptions, Prison Ministries, or helping families to have quality food to eat, the Catholic Charities in Little Rock continues to through these tough economic times to help the people in and around Little Rock.

Five Percent of all funds from the Little Rock area will go to support this great cause and help out those that need it most in that city. There are many more worthy charities in all the cities we work in.  Finding a great charity makes us very dependent on our clients.  We love to hear from you.  What  charity do you support and brings a great service to your community?  We would love to know and we would love to be able to contribute.

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