Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important In Little Rock?

Gutter cleaning is important to Little Rock, Ar area homeowners for three simple reasons; the area experiences above average amounts of rainfall each year, there is a high amount of tree coverage, and the area experiences generally a week or more of freezing temperatures each year. Each of these conditions put additional strains on residential gutter systems which can be helped by regular gutter cleaning. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is here to answer your questions about gutter cleaning.

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Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail and see how regular gutter cleaning can help.

Why You Need Regular Gutter Cleaning in Little Rock

  • Above Average Rainfall
  • High Amount of Tree Coverage
  • One or More Weeks of Freezing Temperatures Each Year

Above Average Rainfall

More rainfall means that more gutter cleaning will be needed to make sure that a home is protected from water damage. Clogged gutters that overflow create an opportunity for water damage to the roof, woodwork, walls, and the foundation of your home. A simple, affordable gutter cleaning from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning will help keep your home protected and dry.


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High Amount of Tree Coverage

The abundance of trees in the Little Rock area is one of the reasons homeowners love the area. But the large amount of trees means there are more branches, leaves, and pollen to deal with. Each of these will make their way onto roofs and into rain gutters. While the cooling effect of the trees is wonderful, it does mean that cleaning gutters twice or more each year is required to keep them working correctly and protecting your home.

1 or More Weeks of Freezing Temperatures Each Year

Freezing temperatures wreak havoc on gutter systems especially if they are clogged and are holding water. The water trapped in a clogged gutter in the winter will obviously freeze which can bend or break a gutter easily. Often, the frozen clog will thaw slightly, then refreeze which causes even more problems. This block of ice in your gutters, called an ice dam, causes any more water or snow to be stuck on the edge of the roof creating a situation for roof leaks, especially when it thaws.

What Does Having Clean Gutters Do For You

Clogged gutters present the greatest possibility for homes to be damaged by water as well as larger amounts of pests like mosquitoes and birds and are unsightly and dangerous if they fall off of your home. Gutters are easy to overlook and ignore until they become a serious problem, and they are not the safest thing for a homeowner to try and clean themselves.

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Along with regular roof cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning – gutter cleaning is clearly a vital maintenance task for Little Rock homeowners. Clean Pro offers fast, affordable gutter cleaner services for homeowners throughout the area. Call 501/251-6728 or get a quote today.

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