When Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned in Little Rock, AR?

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is often asked about when is the right time to hire a gutter cleaner in Little Rock, AR. Rain gutters and downspouts should be cleaned once in the spring and again in the fall each year in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is based on normal seasonal rainfall and tree coverage in the entire area. Individual homes may require additional gutter cleaning during the year due to nearby trees and other factors.

When Should I Have My Rain Gutters Cleaned in Little Rock, ar

Clean Gutters in Little Rock a Minimum of Twice a Year

Seasonal gutter cleaning coincides with spring rains and debris like branches and seeds falling from trees over the roof which collect in the gutters as well as leaf fall later in the year.

Having gutters professionally cleaned prevents overflows and damage to your home that can be caused by it including flooding, window and door damage, and roof damage. It can also prevent pest infestations and nesting in the gutters or roof areas.

Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring rains along with trees blossoming and leafing out can easily cause gutters to overflow if they are not clean. This is especially the case when gutters have not been properly or adequately cleaned during the fall before or if debris or items have become lodged in the gutters or downspouts (such as toys).

Spring gutter cleaning includes a visual inspection of the roof, gutter channels, and downspouts to assess their general condition and to look for any problem areas. Then, the roof area and valleys near the gutter areas are cleaned off, debris is removed from the gutter channels, downspouts are flushed, and the gutter line is checked for proper slope and flow. This ensures that the gutter and downspout system can carry away rain water quickly and efficiently without overflowing.


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When Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned in Little Rock, AR?

Fall Gutter Cleaning

While the process is essentially the same as with spring gutter cleaning, the large amount of leaves that may be in the gutters along with branches, twigs, shingle debris, and other items, can cause fall gutter cleaning to take more time and labor.

Fall is the most important time to ensure that gutters will flow properly. If they do not, any amount of water that remains in the gutters during the winter will freeze, potentially damaging the gutters as well as the home, requiring costly repairs.

Seasonal Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Guards

Regardless of the season, gutter cleaning with guards installed takes more time and costs more. The guards must be removed and reinstalled during the cleaning process. Having gutter guards does not prevent gutter cleaning. It is still needed due to the presence of shingle debris (the fine, granular material that is washed off the roof surface by rain) and dirt in the air that accumulates in the gutter channels with rainfall.

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