What To Do About Sagging Gutters In Little Rock, AR

Sagging gutters are unsightly and certainly detract from your Little Rock, AR home’s curb appeal. But more importantly, sagging gutters are not able to do their job properly and can be hazardous to you and your family. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning tells you what causes and what you do about sagging gutters that doesn’t involve replacing them.

What To Do About Sagging Gutters In Little Rock, ar

In this article:

  • Why gutters sag
  • What can you do about sagging gutters
  • What if you can’t fix sagging gutters

Why Gutters Sag

First, let’s look at why gutters sag. Gutters sag because they are clogged and are heavier than the hangers and structure can safely hold. Gutters sag because either not enough hangers were installed or what is there has become loose. And finally, gutters sag because of damaged or rotten wood supports.


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What can you do about sagging gutters?

So what can you do about them? Short of replacing the whole system and, in the case of rotten wood – repairing the woodwork too, straightening up sagging gutters is pretty straightforward:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Check Hangers
  • Fix Fascia

Gutter Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned by a professional, like the technicians from Clean Pro, will take care of the main problem associated with sagging – clogged gutters that are too heavy. Having gutters cleaned twice a year or more keeps your gutters looking good, flowing properly, and ensures they are able to do their job properly.

Professionals will be able to check for any of the other underlying circumstances like loose hangers and rotten wood when the gutter cleaning is performed and either make or advise you about repairs that may be needed.

Check Hangers

Check the hangers to make sure they are tight and attached to solid wood. Looking up from the underside of the gutters should tell if hangers are loose from the woodwork. A larger than normal gap will appear between the roof edge and the gutter. Your Clean pro technician will be able to tighten loose hangers as needed. Extra hangers can be added if not enough were installed originally or if there is a need for more along a long gutter run.

Repair Fascia

Rotten, decaying woodwork will also be fairly obvious though not always. Sometimes paint will cover wood that has become rotten inside which will cause the hangers and attachments to loosen and pull away, especially when the gutter is under a load (like when it rains!) It is possible to reposition the hangers to an area where there is solid wood but generally this means that the wood structure needs to be repaired. Again, your Clean Pro professional will be able to advise you about what is going on and how best to deal with it.

What if you can’t fix sagging gutters?

Not every sagging gutter can be spruced up and that means gutter replacement is in order. If your gutter system is experiencing sagging in a number of areas or extreme sagging in one area or more, gutter replacement should be considered. Your Clean Pro technician can tell you more.

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Not all sagging gutter problems (or causes) are terrible and any solution begins with a professional inspection done the Clean Pro way. We make getting a quote and getting started on your gutter or other project fast, easy, and very affordable. Call 501/251-6728 or get a quote today.

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