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Your rain gutters are one of your home’s most valuable assets. They protect your home from water damage, reduce the risk of mold forming, and help keep your family and possessions warm and dry. Because they are so important to the maintenance and well-being of your house, it’s vital that your gutters are kept in good repair.

Gutter repair in Little Rock can run from simple hanger replacements and adjustments to complete sections of gutters being replaced. The most common gutter and downspout services repairs are downspout replacements, gutter re-attachments, and repairing dents and bends in gutters. We also provide seamless gutters, gutter replacement, and complete gutter cleaner services.

gutter repair little rock

In this section:

  • What causes damage to gutters?
  • What our gutter repair technicians do.

What Causes Damage to Gutters?

What causes damage that needs a gutter repair service? It can be as simple as a branch falling directly on a section of gutter from a tree overhead. Gutter damage can be caused by pests like birds, squirrels and animals. Damage can be caused by gutters that are clogged with debris and unable to function properly.

Many things can help prevent damage to your gutters that might require a repair. You can have trees trimmed back or removed that are over your gutters. A pest control service can help you deal with pests, and our gutter cleaner service can remove debris and clogs in your gutters and get them working properly again.

But you’ve still got a damaged gutter. Maybe what happened is none of the above. You had the house painted and the painters put a heavy ladder up against your gutter and then climbed up, which bent the outer edge of the gutter and tore a section away from the attachment brackets. Now what?


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What Our Gutter Repair Technicians Do

Gutter repairs involve having the right tools, equipment and parts to make the repair as well as the knowledge and experience of how to do it correctly and safely. The only thing worse in our book than a gutter needing repair is a gutter that was “repaired” badly and is unsafe.

Clean Pro technicians are professionals in gutter repairs in the Little Rock, AR area. Not only will your gutter repair be done correctly the first time we will stand behind every repair with our satisfaction guarantee. No job is complete until it is tested for flow and safety, photos are taken, and everything is cleaned up.

Our Little Rock gutter repair customers also ask:

  • Should I repair or replace my gutters?
  • Is it cheaper to repair my gutters instead of replacing them?
  • Can a roofing company do gutter repair?

Should I repair or replace my gutters?

Rarely will you need gutter replacement just because of damage. It is more common to repair what is otherwise a good, well maintained gutter system because of the lower cost. If a gutter system has a number of areas that are broken, missing, or otherwise damaged, it is more economical to remove all of the old guttering and replace it.

Is it cheaper to repair my gutters instead of replacing them?

It is much more economical to repair gutter systems than it is to replace them. You wouldn’t replace your car just because it needed a brake job, right? The only way to know is to have your gutter system cleaned and inspected by a trained technician experienced in gutter repairs.

Can a roofing company do gutter repair?

They might be able to re-hang a section of gutter that has come loose but due to the specific tools, parts, and techniques used in gutter systems, roofing companies will not be able to do much more. A they probably wouldn’t work on them anyway because of insurance liability issues. Roofers are insured for working on your roof – not for cleaning, repairing, or replacing gutters. Clean Pro is.

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