Everything About Gutter Cleaning Little Rock, AR Homeowners Need To Know

Gutter cleaning is one of the most crucial but often overlooked home maintenance tasks. It’s easy to overlook the rain gutters when it is not raining and there are no problems. Gutters are unique in that unless you have service done on them regularly, you don’t really know if there is a problem with them until the gutters are put into use during a rain shower. And then it is too late!

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning has been around for decades and we have seen it all when it comes to Little Rock, Ar gutters. We are often asked about gutters in general.

everything about gutter cleaner little rock ar

There are many questions that our Little Rock, AR gutter cleaning customers ask. We’ve condensed them into the following:

  • What is the purpose of gutters?
  • What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?
  • What does gutter cleaning include?
  • How long does it take to clean gutters?
  • Can I clean the gutters myself?
  • What does gutter cleaning cost?

What Is The Purpose Of Gutters?

Gutters serve to carry water safely away from your home by catching rainwater and directing it to downspouts. A gutter system consists of gutter channels that are attached to the home just below the edge of the roof and downspouts that bring the water to ground level where it can be directed away from the house.

Moving rain water safely away from your home helps prevent water damage, the occurrences of mold and mildew, and pest infestations as well as improving its appearance.


Everything About Gutter Cleaning Little Rock, AR Homeowners Need To Know
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What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

Three main things happen when gutters are not cleaned and become clogged:

  • Water will overflow the gutters causing damage to a number of areas in the home
  • Pests are attracted to the standing dirty water and multiply
  • The home appears worn and in disrepair

Water that overflows the gutters will damage the roof, wood trim, walls, foundation, basement, landscaping, and other areas of the home. The damage can happen suddenly as in the case of a basement flooding or over time in the case of wood rot and mold.

Pests are attracted to the dirty water in clogged gutters as a natural breeding or hiding spot. Mosquitoes, birds, squirrels, mice, rats, birds, wasps, and other pests will multiply or nest in or around the clogged up water. Also, from this location, pests have little to nothing to keep them from entering the attic area of your home.

Almost nothing makes a home look worse than dirty gutters clogged with water and full of leaves, branches, grass sprouts and gunk. The gutters themselves often also have black streaks on the outside due to water reacting with decaying asphalt shingle materials that causes black streaks as it runs over the sides.

What Does Gutter Cleaning Include?

A professional gutter cleaning, like those done by Clean Pro technicians, includes a visual inspection of the gutters, removing reachable debris on the roof, removing debris from the gutter channels and downspouts, checking or testing for proper flow, and cleaning up any mess. Light repairs such as tightening hangers is often also included.

How Long Does It Take To Clean Gutters?

Normally between two and four hours depending on the size and complexity of the gutter system and the number of stories involved. It is not unusual for larger multi-story homes to take up to 8 hours to properly clean the gutters.

Can I Clean The Gutters Myself?

This is one of the most often asked questions we receive. It would require a homeowner to have the proper ladder(s) and tools required to do the job. It also requires being willing to risk working for hours on a ladder as well as walking and working on the roof.

Avoid Ladder Accidents

Ladder accidents are a leading cause of injuries around the home including fatalities every year from ladder falls. This often leads to homeowners wondering if their gutters can be cleaned properly from the ground using a wand or attachment on a leaf blower. In short, the answer is no. Proper gutter cleaning requires the technician, who is trained and experienced in working on ladders and roofs, to be at or above the gutter level including upper levels on a second or third floor (which often requires working high up on a 40’ ladder).

What Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Professional gutter cleaning in Little Rock runs between $1 and $2 per linear foot of gutters. A normal 1,500 square foot home will have about 150 feet of gutters and the average cost is $249. Two-story and three-story homes or those with walk-out basements will cost more. Other factors that can increase the cost are things like how long it has been since the last cleaning and if gutter screens or guards are in place, which must be removed and reinstalled during the cleaning.

Clean Pro offers safe, affordable, worry-free gutter cleaning for homes (and businesses) all around Little Rock, AR. We also offer pressure washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, seamless gutter installations, and gutter repairs for any sized home. 

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