Top Three Reasons To Stay Up On Gutter Repairs

Gutters and downspouts don’t take up a lot of space on a home but they are a very important element of your home. They have a single purpose; to carry rainwater away from your home safely and efficiently in order to prevent damage.

Avoiding gutter cleaning or neglecting to repair them can lead to big headaches and costly damage down the line like wood damage, roof decay, and unwanted pests. Keeping gutters clean and in good shape allows you to avoid these expensive repairs. Here are the top three reasons to stay up on gutter repairs.

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Indianapolis gutter cleaning and repairs help prevent water damage

Remember, gutters are designed to do one thing. They catch rainwater and divert it away from your roof, walls, and foundation. In order to do that they must be clean and solid. The most common problems needing gutter repair are caused by clogged gutters. Of you are going to want the gutter cleaning Indianapolis trusts from Clean Pro after your gutters are repaired.

Twice a year gutter cleaning will in most cases take care of this. If not, clogged gutters become heavy and begin to pull away from the supporting wood structure. They also overflow causing rot and decay which if left unchecked will cause roof damage and the chance for mold and rot to enter your home.

Indianapolis gutter cleaning and repairs help prevent pests and insects

Sludgy water filled with rotting leaves is not very attractive to us but it sure is to pests and insects. A host of insects are drawn to the water and nearby places where they can create nests including under eaves and inside attics.

Pests like squirrels, mice, and birds are also attracted to the environment and are likely to take up residence nearby including inside of your attic. Any wood damage that may have occurred creates a weak point that a pest like a squirrel can easily claw through and enter your attic and walls.

Indianapolis gutter cleaning and repairs help prevent basement flooding and foundation damage

A major problem caused by gutters that are clogged or that need repair is basement flooding and foundation problems like cracking. Overflowing or damaged gutters will put large amounts of water right next to your foundation and basement areas. This water will seep into the concrete or mortar of the foundation which can freeze and thaw which causes cracks. And foundation cracks will cause cracks in the walls above, make doors and windows hard to open, and result in major and costly repairs.

Flooded basement spaces caused by rainwater seeping in ends up causing mold, mildew, and damage to personal property – all expense fixes that could have been avoided with regular gutter cleaning and gutter repairs.

Your gutters may be small but they perform a vital role in helping to keep your home warm, safe, and dry for your family.  So if you’re in Indianapolis or any of the surrounding areas and want to learn more about the importance of a well-maintained gutter system, call us at 317/207-9864 or get a quote for a free estimate today.

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