Four Benefits of Regular Gutter Maintenance: Indianapolis

Maintaining your gutters and downspouts is probably the last thing on your mind until trouble strikes. Any problems with your gutters can mean serious and costly problems for the rest of your home.

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Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, providing the leading gutter cleaning Indianapolis homeowners rely on, recommends regular gutter maintenance as a way of preventing these common – but expensive – problems:

  1. Roof Damage

Gutters clogged with debris like leaves, twigs, and toys will fill up with rain water. This water will damage the edge of your roof causing rot, decay, and mold which can enter your attic as well as cause water leaks inside your home. To keep your home protected, regular gutter cleaning will remove anything preventing proper flow.

  1. Woodwork Damage

Clogged gutters are heavy causing strain and loosening of hangers. This can cause your woodwork near the roof (called fascia) or rafter ends to become damaged. Gutters and downspouts can also pull away and fall off. Clogged gutters will also overflow onto window frames, doors, decks, and trim causing damage. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning also offers several additional services including gutter repairs and gutter replacement to help address these issues.

  1. Flooded Landscaping

Overflowing water will drown expensive and prized landscaping plants. It will also cause walkways to become treacherously unsafe as well as displace mulch and stones. Regular servicing of gutters and downspouts will go a long way towards keeping your landscaping looking its best.

  1. Foundation Damage

Overflowing water can gather and pool near your home’s foundation. This is a problem all on its own but in the winter it can freeze and cause your foundation to crack and shift. This can lead to a variety of problems inside the home including wall cracks and windows that won’t close properly. You can avoid costly interior repair expenses by investing in a maintenance routine for your gutter system.

For quality gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and gutter replacement services, look to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning. We also offer several other home care services including roof cleaning, pressure washing, seamless gutters, and window cleaning. We serve Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Nobleville, and the entire Indianapolis area.

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