How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Gutter Cleaning

Updated June 9th 2019

For a typical single story home of 1,500 square feet, cleaning can run between $147 and $197

  • For a two story home in the 2,500 square foot range the price goes up to $171 to $214 for a normal cleaning.
  • A three story home or a two story home with a high reach (maybe in the rear of the house from ground level at a basement level to the gutter in addition to other lower roof areas) can range from $239 to $417 or more.


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What Affects The Gutter Cleaning Price?

There are numerous variables that must be considered that affect the price of a gutter cleaning service.  What are the variables that cause these prices to fluctuate? There are four main reasons for this and they are:

  • Location And Difficulty
  • Time Since The Last Cleaning
  • Frequency Of Cleaning
  • Who Cleans Them

The first reason we are going to explore in this article is location and how that affects the pricing of a cleaning.

Location And Difficulty

Some of the biggest considerations for a cleaning is the geographic location of the home and the complexity of the cleaning itself and the time required to clean it. For instance, a home that is in a mountainous region such as Denver, Colorado in the middle of winter can’t be compared to houses in Atlanta, Georgia in the middle of summer.

Time Since The Last Cleaning

The general rule of thumb is that gutters should be cleaned twice a year.  This is also subjective based the location of the cleaning and the particular circumstances.  As an example, a homeowner in a northwest city, such as Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington where rain is the daily norm, has to be extra vigilant in regards to maintaining their gutters as opposed to someone in New Jersey that will not have to deal with the excess rain and foliage. 

Frequency Of Cleaning

There are three primary reasons that frequency of cleaning should be important to the home owner:

  • Dirty Gutters
  • Labor Cost
  • Inflated Potential Damages

Let’s examine these three point in more detail.

Dirty Gutters

It stands to reason if gutters are allowed to accumulate debris over an extended period of time, they are going to much dirtier than they should be and it will be more difficult to get them back to the condition in which they should be in so that water will flow properly and drain away from the foundation.

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Labor Cost

Collared with the above, if it takes an extended period of time to clean gutters, this will require more labor.  This may seem obvious but many home owners fail to consider the implication of neglecting their gutters and wonder why their cleaning bill is nearly twice the norm.

Inflated Potential Damages

Along with dirty gutters and the excessive time it takes to clean them, the third and final point is the potential damage that can occur when gutters stop doing the job they are designed for.  If the gutters are not maintained, the result will always be a larger cleaning bill and, most importantly, more damage to the structure of the property has been sustained.

For more information see our post on When Gutters Should Be Cleaned.

Who Cleans Them

When choosing a service provider for gutter cleaning, there are really only three option to consider:

  • DIY
  • Local Handyman
  • Professional

Let’s take a look at these individually.


Let’s dive right into this and look at Do-It-Yourself first. If you enjoy the idea of spending your weekend hip deep in the muck and mire of rancid, putrid, nasty and did we mention – dirty- gutter and on top of that – the money you are going to have to spend when your insurance comes do from your trip to the ER, you might want to skip over this option and proceed to the next item.

Local Handyman

We all know them.  They are nice people and you see them advertising all over Craigslist and Facebook. They are jack of all trades and master of none.  Using a handyman has a significant liability to the home owner.  Some of these are:

  • They are typically not insured which means if they get injured or they damage the property, the home owner is liable
  • They only do cleaning sporadically so are not acquainted with the common and unusual problems associated with gutter cleaning
  • Due to the lack of experience, they will often miss small problems that will cost you more in the long run.
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Let’s move on to the best option…

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Of course we suggest that home owners use a professional company for their gutter cleaning.  As we have explained, this is the most cost effective way to maintain the home owners gutters, save money over the long term, and remove the headache involved of remembering to maintain them.  A professional gutter cleaning service can schedule a cleaning service many months in advance which will give peace of mind to the home owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is in my gutters?
  • What problems to expect
  • What is the best way to clean gutters

While gutter cleaning is mentioned as an important part of your home maintenance, it can seem a bit pointless sometimes. It sounds like an unpleasant or expensive task, but it’s just another part of your home’s regular cleaning that can help you avoid huge costs later down the road.

Don’t be worried about what you’ll find in the gutters, because the most common debris that gets stuck is nothing unnatural or disgusting, unless you let it build up for far too long.

Read the full article here: 6 of the Most Common Things You’ll Find Gutter Cleaning

You may think that clogged gutters are not that important to deal with. It’s a hassle and grubby, slippery unsafe work climbing up and down to get your gutters clean.

You won’t think that when you have water damage or flooding that could have been avoided if your gutters had been working properly. Here are the top 5 home problems that can be caused by clogged gutters:  Top 5 problems caused by clogged gutters

If you are looking for the Best way to clean gutters the answer won’t be cut and dry. The truth is that there are a lot of different approaches to cleaning out gutters, so what you need to do is learn about what works best for your home.  Read The Best Way To Clean Gutters to learn more.


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