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Every home in Toledo that has rain gutters and downspouts needs to have them cleaned at least twice a year. Don’t risk doing it yourself – climbing tall ladders and struggling with the gunk – let Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Toledo take care of your gutter cleaning from now on. Our top-quality service takes care of your clogged gutters and you will never have to deal with all of that again. We take care of everything for you.

Why Choose Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Toledo?

  • Upfront quotes without a home appointment
  • fast and safe service
  • fully insured
  • our work is double guaranteed

Our Toledo, Ohio customers have spread the word about how much they appreciate our service: Read Our Customer Reviews

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Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Toledo

We make getting your gutters and downspouts cleaned out easy! Gutters do an important job for your home – they carry water away when it rains so it cannot damage your home.

Semi-annual gutter cleaning helps prevent:

  • Attic and basement leaks
  • Window and woodwork damage
  • Paint decay and rot
  • Pests and rodent nests

Every one of these home problems that are very expensive to get repaired can be avoided with proper gutter cleaning. Learn more about How Gutter Cleaning Saves You Money (Updated for 2020) and you will quickly see that the cost of gutter cleaning is very low compared to the price of the repair service.

How it works

You will receive a quote by email and you can book your gutter cleaning day and time directly from it. Our local technicians will take care of your inspection and cleaning including downspouts and flushing and they clean up everything – leaving your home nice and tidy. Your bill is sent automatically by email to you and you will pay online via our secure 3rd party payment processor. we keep photos of your job and they are available by request. Your gutters, downspouts, and home are all left nice and clean after our service and our wonderful customer service can help you if there are any problems. We stand behind everything with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day no-clog warranty.

Why we are different

  • we have been in business cleaning gutters since 2001
  • our work is fully insured and guaranteed
  • the process is safe and secure for you
  • and we stand behind everything we do

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Gutter Cleaning Near Toledo

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Don’t put off gutter cleaning any longer.
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Toledo Gutter Cleaning Prices

Our top-rated gutter cleaning in Toledo runs most homeowners between $145 and $196 for a typical single-story home with standard gutters. Gutter cleaning prices depend on:

  • How tall your home is
  • The amount of time since your last cleaning
  • If you have screens or guards installed

Other things like obstructions and steep roofing can also affect the price. You can learn more by using our Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculator and checking out How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost? We also have a short video on gutter cleaning prices:

Our gutter cleaning service is much lower-priced than all of the expensive repair bills you will be facing if you don’t have your gutters cleaned regularly. And gutter cleaning is more reasonable than getting screens and guards installed as well. Learn more about screens and guards: Are Gutter Guards Worth It.

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Toledo Gutter Cleaning FAQs

rodent on roof near clogged gutter

Rodents like squirrels, mice, and birds will make their nest in your clogged gutters!

Our top-rated gutter cleaning company was started in 2001 offering fair priced gutter cleaning to homeowners as a way to make their lives easier. Over the years we have answered many questions about gutters and gutter cleaning. Many of our Toledo, Ohio customers want to know:

People also consider:

Our service is simple and easy and it takes all the risk and danger out of gutter cleaning for you at a reasonable price considering the damage that can be done if you don’t and the risks involved. And there is never a reason to hire a lawn company to clean your gutters. Unless they are insured for gutter cleaning it could spell trouble if something happens.

Don’t hire the lawn guy to clean your gutters.
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The Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Toledo Difference

Look, gutter cleaning is not rocket science and we know that. But neither is lawn mowing. For about the same amount of money you are probably spending on a lawn care service every six months, you can get your gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned – risk-free to you. Our service is different from the “other guys” simply because:

  • We are reliable and have been in business doing gutter cleaning since 2001
  • Our work is licensed, fully insured, and guaranteed
  • We take pride in the service we provide at a fair price to homeowners

We do one thing – we clean gutters and along the way we provide excellent customer service and a promise to do the job right. We think you will appreciate the Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Toledo difference. Get a quote or call today.