The Rich and Interesting History of Spokane

The history of Spokane, Washington is rich and interesting, and it’s a great place to start if you are trying to learn more about the city. Gutter Cleaning in this city is also available if you are planning in moving. Like much of the rest of North America, the area that Spokane is located in was first populated by Native people between 8,000 and 12,000 years ago.  The region was home to plentiful game animals, which helped the native people to survive and thrive as a hunter-gatherer society.

Modern Origins

While the region that Spokane is in has been populated by primitive people for thousands of years, it wasn’t until 1810 that the modern stage of Spokane’s evolution began when a simple trading post was founded.  Founded by Jacques Raphael Finlay and Finan Mcdonald, Spokane started out as a small, humble, fur trading post. The post operated for 16 years.

Fort Spokane

In 1880 Fort Spokane was founded primarily to protect the construction of the railroad.  On June 30, 1881, those efforts paid off as the railroad to the area was completed, allowing European settlers to start coming to the region in larger number.  By November of 1881, there were over 1,000 residents and Spokane was officially incorporated as a city.

The Discovery of Gold, Silver, and Lead Drives a Major Spike in Population

In 1883 gold, silver, and lead were discovered near Spokane, which led to an influx of prospectors hoping to strike it rich.  This continued all the way through 1892, which helped the population of the city to reach new heights as it transitioned from a small city into a major one.

Following the great fire of 1889, Spokane’s economy began to boom as major rebuilding efforts were undertaken.  Craftsmen from great distances came to Spokane with the promise of work, which helped the population of the city to continue to grow.  By 1910 the population of the region had surpassed 110,000 people.

Population Begins a Decline

For much of its history, Spokane experienced nearly continuous population growth.  Unfortunately, this wouldn’t last. By 1910 the economy of Spokane had begun to shrink, which led to the population of the city starting to decline for the first time in many years.  With a stagnant economy, unemployment was common, and crime levels began to rise, leading many to believe the Spokane had entered a period of decline that it may not ever recover from.

Things Turn Around

After decades of a sluggish economy and slowed growth, the formation of Spokane Unlimited by local businessman in the early sixties led to a period of revitalization for the city as a whole, and the downtown region in general.  This led to the economy picking up and production in industry in the city recovered as well.

Spokane Today

Today Spokane is in a transitionary phase where manufacturing and industry no longer dominate the economy, and a robust service-based industry has developed instead.  Spokane has also evolved a sophisticated cultural scene, as well as an active nightlife that has actually helped to draw more people to the city.