Tasty Restaurants That Are Worth Visiting In Little Rock

When looking for the best places to eat and Gutter Cleaning Service in Little Rock it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that barbecue tends to dominate the list.  But, don’t let that get in the way of trying other local restaurants as well. While Little Rock is famous for its barbecue, they also feature a number of other tasty restaurants that are worth visiting.  This list of the best places to eat in Little Rock will help steer you in the right direction when you are looking for a great place to get a bite to eat.

  1.     Whole Hog Café.  When it comes to the best barbecue in Memphis, there aren’t many restaurants that stack up well next to the Whole Hog Café.  One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into this restaurant is a line of awards and trophies lined up against the wall, and they aren’t just for show.  If you really want to experience the best barbecue when visiting the Whole Hog Café then make sure you try some of their famous ribs.
  2.    The Crossed Eyed Pig.  The is another fantastic barbecue restaurant that is a rib lover’s paradise.  Their big, juicy, spare ribs are a shining example of how spare ribs should be prepared and served.  On top of having fantastic ribs, they also have a huge selection of different smoked dishes that will leave you eager for a return trip to the Crosse Eyed Pig.
  3.    Kemuri Restaurant.  While barbecue dominates the landscape of Little Rock, you definitely shouldn’t restrict yourself to only sampling what it has to offer when you visit the city.  While an Asian food restaurant would seem to be out of place, the reality is that it offers some of the best food in the city. If you decide to enjoy a meal here then you can’t go wrong with the drunken noodles, and the sushi is first rate as well.  They also feature many delicious seafood entrees, and they offer all of this at moderate pricing making this an even more appealing dining destination.
  4.    David’s Burgers.  If you think that if you’ve had one burger then you’ve had them all, then you probably are not a connoisseur of fine burgers.  Fortunately, after enjoying a meal at David’s Burgers that will probably quickly change. They don’t really offer anything truly innovative, just a great, freshly prepared burger.  They also have endless fries and a staff that will go out of their way to make your experience there a great one.
  5.    Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse.  When you are ready to sample one of the finest steaks in the region, then you are ready to try Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse.  Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse features aged, expertly seasoned steaks, and they carry just about any cut you can imagine. As you would expect of a fine steakhouse they also have scrumptious side dishes, as well as fresh Lobster that is unbelievable.  While the price might be on the higher end, once you try the food you’ll know that it is well worth it.


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