Gutter Cleaning Costs

As homeowners, we need to make sure that our gutter system works properly in the event of rain. The water must be able to flow freely through the gutters and down the drainage. But over time, gutters can become clogged with leaves, branches and even insects. If we do not maintain our gutters, the repair, replacement work and gutter cleaning costs may be very high. Gutters are vital to the preservation of your home’s foundation, and they prevent moisture damage from building up over time. The gutter system itself is inexpensive, is the maintenance or repair, however, that can be a problem.

Gutter cleaning costs will depend on several factors: the square footage of your house, the number of levels, even the style of the roof can affect the overall price. Homes with a steeper roof slant will be more expensive, because the gutters can only be cleaned by moving a ladder around your house to access each section. The average range for gutter cleaning costs is anywhere from $75 to $250. Professional work can be a good preventative measure to avoid repair costs down the line. When gutters don’t function properly,  due to not enough maintenance, water can overflow and damage the exterior and foundation of your home. And it can also cause the gutter well to rust and form holes.

If you wonder how often you should clean your gutters, we recommend twice a year. Cleaning your gutters before winter allows for melted snow to drain effectively, and prevents debris from sticking and freezing. Also, cleaning your gutters during your spring cleaning will help eliminate any potential problems as we reach the summer. We also recommend you to hire a professional to make sure your gutters stay in optimal conditions. But if a professional service is a cost you would rather avoid, you can always seek other alternatives.

Gutter cleaning can be tedious and time consuming, but not difficult. If you are thinking of doing the job yourself, make sure you have a good quality ladder and gloves to protect your hands. You can also get a gutter cleaning tool to make the job easier. You can also purchase gutter brushes or grates to avoid debris from clogging the gutters while water flows through. However, it’s important to remember that these products aren’t foolproof.  And they still require checks and maintenance to ensure that your gutters function properly.

For more on how to clean your gutters and gutter cleaning costs, check the following video produced by Lowe’s.

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