Visiting the Best Coffee Shops in Cincinnati

Every morning all around the country, there is a special group of individuals that will only wake up to the sweet, sweet aroma of brewed coffee. These people are architects, university students, farmers, cab drivers, and many other titles, but to a barista who’s opening her modest coffee shop in preparation for the inflow of customers, all of these people are ‘coffee drinkers’.

Cincinnati is filled with coffee drinkers and lovers who would want to taste amazing coffee. That’s why this list will be a coffee lover’s guide to locally brewed coffee.

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The Top 5 Coffee Shops to Visit Cincinnati:

  • Urbana Café
  • Collective Espresso
  • Rohs Street Café
  • Velocity Bike and Bean
  • Roebling Point Books and Coffee

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Cincinnati is filled with coffee drinkers and lovers who would want to taste amazing coffee. That’s why this list will be a coffee lovers guide to locally brewed coffee.


Urbana Café

Daniel Noguera deserves the credit in starting this amazing Italian-styled espresso coffee shop. The brand originally started out with trucks roving the city looking for spots that can attract coffee lovers. Though the trucks still roam the city, Noguera had decided to place the shop at 1206 Broadway St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, so that customers can go to a fixed spot to get their Urbana Café coffee. The permanent store also has a permanent landline number – (513) 813-3133.


Collective Espresso

The store opened in 2012 at 207 Woodward St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. People passing by the small shop on the side of the street in Over the Rhine can see the baristas working hard to brew great-tasting coffee. The shop is a great place to invite an old friend, order an expresso, and start catching with current events. Customers can call ahead before to reserve a seat – (513) 900-0154. The store also has an online following on Instagram and Facebook, which is a platform where everyone can talk about their beloved coffee brews.


Rohs Street Café

It’s early in the morning, and you need to find a placed that has good ambiance so that you can continue working on your laptop.  Rohs Street Café is a warm and inviting place that will let you focus on your work. Students who want to get away from distractions is a regular sight at the store.

The place is not just a coffee shop, but it can be said that they are also in the hospitality business. Soothing music is offered in the store with great tasting coffee and breakfast combo. The store is located at 245 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219 with a landline number of (513) 381-7647.


Velocity Bike and Bean

What better way to complete your day than to enjoy two favorite pastimes in one sitting? Velocity Bike and Bean provides customers with a unique blend in their service. The shop only doesn’t have a cycling theme, but it’s a full-service bicycle shop offering excellent bicycle repair and customization services. While coffer lovers are drinking their fresh coffee brew, they can talk about their cycling experiences and catch up on the news.

The store has many branches from Indiana to California, but they also have a store located at 3210 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209, for Cincy coffee lovers to enjoy. The store has a website, but for local inquiries customers can call (513) 321-8733.

Do you or someone you know have pets? The next time you go to a coffee shop, and you have a pet with you, it’s not going to be a problem because you just need to find Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops in Cincinnati.

Roebling Point Books and Coffee

People who are near the Roebling Suspension Bridge are just a stone’s throw away from this coffee shop. In fact, customers go to the shop to get a good view of the iconic bridge. Upon entering, visitors can see shelves of great books all waiting for them to read. Here people can go back to a time where all one needs is a good book with a hot and fresh coffee waiting by the table. It’s a comfortable and quiet place.

The shop’s actual address is 306 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011. Its already considered to be under Kentucky, but regardless, Cincy customers are regulars at the shop. The store’s number is (859) 815-7204. Call them to inquire about their great tasting coffee.