Very Best Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Cincinnati

Enjoy spending time with your pets and other pet lovers by going to the pet-friendly coffee shops on this list.

After jogging around town with your dog, the next best activity is to find a place to eat to rejuvenate, but there are not a lot of places where dogs or other pets can stay inside the store. Luckily by reading this list of top coffee shops that allow pets inside, you won’t find that problem again.

Want to explore more coffee shops in Cincinnati? Here’s a list of the best coffee shops around in Cincinnati that you might want to visit.

Top Five Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Cincinnati :

  • Unataza Coffee
  • Pleasantry
  • Lookout Joe
  • Sidewinder Coffee
  • The Wildflower Cafe

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Before going to any of these places, it stands to reason that your pet dog needs to be trained to behave around other people and especially among other dogs. So, make sure to do these first before exposing your beloved pet to the bigger wide world of coffee and pets.


Unataza Coffee

Every visitor will agree that Untaza Coffee has great coffee and food packaged at a very affordable price, but there is something more unique to the service that this Coffee establishment offers, aside from being a pet-friendly establishment.

This shop, which is located at 620 6th Ave, Dayton, KY 41074, is working towards a grand plan for all its coffee aficionados. They are not only a coffee shop that offers great tasting coffee direct from the coffee plantation at Honduras, but one of Unataza’s goals is to bring people from Cincinnati to visit their coffee bean plantation at Honduras. The reason for the additional service is so those coffee lovers will know and experience the way coffee is made, and it’s not a bad plan to schedule a visit with friends for an educational coffee experience. For those interested with the Trip package they can go to the website or contact the establishment’s number – (859) 261-8292



Pleasantry is not just a coffee shop, but it’s a Cincinnati neighborhood restaurant offering natural wine, delectable midwestern food, and great tasting coffee. This establishment, which can be seen at 118 W 15th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, is a mix between 4 crowed pleasing aspects of a store. Pleasantry is a coffee shop, a wine bar, a dinner, and a pet-friendly store packaged into one establishment.

The place has a relaxing atmosphere, along with its great music playing in the background. People visiting during the day have the option to sat at the patio in the shade and just hung out. Also, customers can call – (513) 381-1969 to make reservations.


Lookout Joe

The store at 3181 Linwood Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208, has been there for some time now. Its located in the great local neighborhood. The store encountered some rough bums in the past where it was forcibly pushed to change its name from Blue Mountain Coffee what the Lookout Joe we know it today. Now Lookout Joe is still standing strong and focused on its retail locations, also offering wholesale, catering and office coffee service. Prospective customers can call their store number – (513) 871-8626 to inquire about their service.

Local sentiments about the store will usually be about how the stores coffee baristas brew delicious coffee, and if paired with pastries, they are just lovely. Of course, to people who are new to the coffee shop, they would just have to try the menu to make their own judgment.


Sidewinder Coffee

Are you a remote worker? Do you often bring your pet without whenever you go out? Then this store located at 4181 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223, is a great place to visit. Coffee lovers can enjoy great tasting coffee and pet owners can enjoy the experience while fawning over their pets. The pets, too will have a wonderful time going around the store and get a dog treat or two. The store’s landline number – (513) 542-8321 has personal always ready to answer.

Sometimes you would just like to go to Downtown Cincinnati and bring your pet on a stroll around the town. Some stores don’t allow pets, but you can definitely visit these pet-friendly coffee shouts around downtown.

The Wildflower Cafe

Customers go to Wildflower Café for the food and the general environment. The store is located at 207 E Main St, Mason, OH 45040. The owners make sure that their products are sourced from local goods. Most of the ingredients are grown out of the backyard and clean with very high quality.

The store is a modest-sized coffee shop that has about 50 seats and will definitely fill up fast. That’s why the owners are suggesting to coffee lovers who want to visit their establishment to call in and make reservations on their number -(513) 492-7514. It would make things a lot easier to know if there are seats available rather than go to the store directly.