Best Tasting Coffee and Tea Shops in Cincinnati

Do you want to drink coffee, or do you want to drink tea? If you can’t decide why not read this list to know where the best coffee and tea shops are located.

Now, in Cincinnati there are people that not only love drinking coffee but also tea. The best way to look for these places is to pick up your phone and start searching, but if you’re already reading this article, you can read on because this page is all about the best places to visit for coffee and tea.

Sometimes you don’t want to go to a coffee shop alone. Sometimes you want to bring your pet along with you for the ride. Here is a list of the best pet loving and pet-friendly coffee shops in downtown Cincy.

Top Five Tasting Coffee and Tea Shops in Cincinnati:

  • The Bow Tie Cafe
  • BLOC Coffee Company
  • Corner Coffee Café
  • Kitty’s Coffee
  • The Coffee Shop On Wooster

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Cincinnati has a lot of unique coffee shops to offer coffee lovers. This list will be a delight to coffee lovers and regular people alike.


The Bow Tie Café

What defines a local café? The staff should be warm and welcoming, the environment should be clean and spacious, and the food should make you feel at home. These are the qualities of The Bow Tie Café. The store is located at 1101 St Gregory St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, which is in a nice neighborhood. What’s great about the store is that when you enter you are made to feel like you’re already a regular at the establishment. The staff will introduce themselves, and when they talk to you, they’ll address you by name. Overall it’s a great spot for tea and coffee. The store’s number is (513) 621-2233.


BLOC Coffee Company

The Coffee shop that serves Irish coffee drinks is located at 801 Mt Hope Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45204. It’s a must go for coffee and tea time, and you can even invite your friends over to make the experience more enjoyable. There are a lot of daily traffic going back and forth the area and people who are attracted to the shop can walk right in to grab a bit to eat and quench their dry mouths with good tasting coffee and tea. Visitors would enjoy the store’s peach tea and honey drink. For visitors who want to call the store – (513) 429-4548 this is their number.


Corner Coffee Café

There is a reason why a lot of customers are visiting Corner Coffee Café every day and the reason includes the store’s fresh, healthy, and vegan-friendly options. The cafe is located at 9440 Main Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45242 and their contact number is (513) 794-1800. When people see the store, already they can tell that the café is a gem. The exterior of the building is cute to look at, and the inside is homely with antiques decorating the area. Aside from the aesthetics, staff is very nice and informative. They take the time to explain the daily specials. There is an outdoor seating at the patio where people can enjoy drinking coffee after eating their meal inside.


Kitty’s Coffee

Many customers visit Kitty’s Coffee many times per week because of their varieties of coffee, their friendly staff, and quick service. The store is located at 121 E Court St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, and it’s located at a good spot. Over the years a lot of Kitty’s Coffee shops have popped up all around Cincinnati. The reason for this is the coffee beans are pretty good from the get-go, and the coffee drinks are tasty. It can even be a replacement for Starbucks. For customers who want to contact the store for inquiries they can contact the establishment’s number – (513)239-9594.

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The Coffee Shop On Wooster

For people who don’t know the location of the store, it’s located at 6110 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227. They can even call the store number -(513) 271-3350 to get directions. The shop has a unique concept because it’s a coffee shop with a drive-through so that people can just order in their car and not have to go inside to make an order. Overall the local coffee shop is a small one with a few bar stools inside and 2 or 3 tables outside.