Best Cheap Restaurants to Eat in Cincinnati

MacDonald’s are everywhere in Cincinnati, but you don’t need to keep going there to eat delicious and cheap meals to keep your hunger down. I believe everyone agrees that eating at the same restaurant over and over again tends to ruin the appetite after a while. That’s why below are some suggested restaurants to try out.

In a situation where your done eating at cheap restaurants, this article “places to eat in cincinnati” lists great and classy restaurants to try next.

The Top 5 Best Cheap Restaurants in Cincinnati:

  • Frisch’s Big Boy
  • Skyline Chili
  • Cincy Crab
  • The Capital Grille
  • Madison Diner

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The suggestions below are considered cheap and affordable, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t taste well, or they don’t have class. The ones I’ve listed are great restaurants with accommodating ambiance that you can invite your friends and not be ashamed of it.


Frisch’s Big Boy

Don’t let the name fool you. The restaurant is a great place to order a hot and fresh burger, and kids love it for their kiddy meals. The place is accommodating enough when you enter. There’s a parking lot for your car and a drive-through if you just want to order take out. The place is located at 3226 Central Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45225, which is a good spot because its located near the zoo. Its an ideal pit-stop for families who want to pick-up their meal and go.

Regarding their prices, the Reuben sandwich is worth $6.99, while the fried chicken is about $7.99. Overall, if you’re just looking for a place with no fuss and an affordable meal, then Frisch’s is a good establishment to go to. Customers can also call this number (513) 559-0555 for takeouts.


Skyline Chili

The restaurant is actually a chain of chili restaurants based on Cincinnati. When asked, local sports teams will say that Skyline Chili is the “official chili” restaurant. That’s because the store is a big sponsor in local community sports.

The ambiance of the diner is nice, and it has great service. The restaurant’s Chili, spaghetti, cheese, onions, and beans order (5 way) (Large) is a recommended dish for only $8.69. Customers can just visit their building at 643 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, or call their number (513) 241-2020 to inquire if their Cheese Coneys are already cooked and ready to eat.


Cincy Crab

Eating at a classy seafood restaurant could lead to a high tab if you’re not careful about your order. Cincy Crab is the opposite of that. Call it what you want – cheap, inexpensive, affordable – the diner has one of the most affordable seafood meals, but in spite of this they don’t skimp out on the taste.

Looking at the menu, they have a simple list of dishes. The best to order are the combo meals. Try the Combo 1, which is the snow crab and shrimp mix. The food served is certified fresh from the pot and boiling. The crab legs are unexpectedly served with large portions that will certainly satisfy your taste buds for just $42. Cincy Crab is located at 1309 E Kemper Rd Springdale, OH 45246 with the contact number of (513) 975-1428.


The Capital Grille

The restaurant is a good place to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday party. Its recommended to call them first on their number (513) 351-0814 before you show up for your appointment so that they can properly accommodate your special event. Customers who enter can go for casual dining where they’ll be placed at the bar section, but for special occasions celebrants can reserve a dining room.

The place is located at 3821 Edwards Rd Cincinnati, OH 45209, and it’s a carnivore’s dream den because they have gracious cuts of meat on their menu with fresh servings of seafood every day. The Filet Mignon (10 oz.) – $46 is a must-order for a full course meal.

This list is just the icing on top. Food lovers who roam around downtown knows that its the best place too look for “The Best Cheap Places to Eat in Downtown Cincinnati“.

Madison Diner

Madison Diner is the home of large meaty and tasty burgers that’ll only cost you under $15 for a full meal. Its located at 4761 Madison Rd Cincinnati, OH 45227, which is then located inside a bowling alley. People going to the place can go to the bowling alley for fun then go to the diner to reenergize.

To summarize it all up, Madison Diner is a good place for a quick meal. The burgers are big and greasy. All you have to do is order a double burger – $4, plus coke and a side of fries, and you’ll be set for the day. For inquiries their phone number is (513) 271-1270. Also, they have a breakfast set.