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About Denver, CO

The “Mile High” city of Denver is the largest city in Colorado as well as the state capital. It is the 19th largest metropolitan area in the nation and owes its nickname to the fact that it sits exactly 5,280 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is the largest and most economically powerful city located in the mountain states.

Denver is a major player in the transportation, agriculture, mining, and high tech industries among others and represents the 18th largest economy in the nation. Many major corporations call Denver home with sprawling campuses set against the year round snow capped peaks of the nearby Rockies.

The metropolitan Denver area is made up of 10 counties and many other large cities including Aurora and Lakewood. Neighborhoods include the popular LoDo area near downtown, Arvada, Littleton, and Stapleton. A variety of colleges and universities are located in the city including the University of Colorado Denver, the University of Denver, Regis University, and Johnson & Wales. Campuses of major law and medical programs are also located in the metropolitan area.

Overall, the climate of Denver is very mild for the majority of the year with winter being the greatest challenge with snowfall and freezing temperatures. Denver is a dry climate with little to no humidity and benefits from warmer seasonal wind patterns that moderate temperatures. Outdoor activities from skiing to kayaking and everything in between are enjoyed by residents either near to home or within the nearby National Forest or parks.

Denver has played host to the Winter Olympics and a variety of college and professional championships over its history. The city is home to the NFL Denver Broncos, the NBA Denver Nuggets, the MLB Colorado Rockies, MLS Colorado Rapids, and the NHL Colorado Avalanche. Denver is one of only ten cities in the nation that is home to five major professional sports franchises.

Denver’s abundant number of parks and greenways, along with its close proximity to mountain areas make it a beautiful city to live in. While new neighborhoods may appear rapidly, many have been a part of the city for decades and home ownership is overall very high. Environmental stewardship is a priority in the city and the area.

Food and cultural amenities are also important to residents. Denver is the home of the national recognized Denver Art Museum and the nation’s second largest Performing Arts Center. Food influences range from midwestern to TexMex and the area is home to many of the largest domestic beer producers and hosts the Great American Beer Fest each year.