Best Cheap Restaurants to Eat in Houston

How fast can you find cheap places to eat in Houston? The answer is immediately fast. Obviously, you can’t easily find cheap dinners in places like the uptown down district, but a majority of the time, when you roam the densely populated areas around the city, you’ll find a modest-looking store where you can buy cheap goods that can fill your stomach.

This list will guide you to the most affordable places to eat.

After your done eating at cheap restaurants, this article “places to eat in Houston” lists great and classy restaurants to try next.

Top 5 Best Cheap Restaurants to Eat in Houston:

  • Bodegas Taco Shop
  • Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle
  • Good Dog Houston
  • 8th Wonder Brewery
  • Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack

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If you look around town and find a good and cheap place to eat, the tendency is you’ll find other stores right next to it that you can also go to. Take care of yourself and observe what you eat. If you find that the meal offered isn’t to your liking, then you can just move on to the next store.


Bodegas Taco Shop

Sometimes you just want to go out into the city and eat Mexican, and what better place to fill your stomach with food then at Bodegas Taco Shop. Eating at the store is not like eating at a luxury restaurant. The process of getting the food from the frying pan and on to your plate is just simple with no much fanfare. The store is located at 1200 Binz St #160, Houston, TX 77004, which can be a nice stop after going to the Fine Arts Museum. They serve great tasting fish tacos, tostadas and more.

What’s great about the store is you can just pay about $10 for your meal you’re already set. Customers can call ahead before going to the store with the store’s number – (713) 528-6102, or they can just drop by.


Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle

This store is located at 2808 Milam St D, Houston, TX 77006, which is an establishment that customers would enjoy going to. The space is quite large with plenty of seating and swift service. A Pho is a type of soup meal, typically from beef stock and spices, which noodles and other sliced meats added in. What’s amazing is one regular order of Pho is $6.95, and a large order is $7.95, and if you still want to eat more then you can order additional side dishes like fried spring rolls.

For inquiries, the dinner’s number is (713) 524-3734. Once done with the meal don’t miss out on tasting the store’s strong tea.


Good Dog Houston

Good Dog Houston doesn’t mess around when it cooks its flavor-rich hot dogs. People can go to their store at 903 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008, and order take out, or they can eat inside. Their phone number is (832) 800-3647. People who hadn’t tried the food might comment that charging $8 is a little too much for a hot dog, especially when you can go to another food chain and get one for $3. Those who had tried eating at the joint will say that the extra charge is worth it because the condiments like the mustard and ketchup are all made in-house. The quality and effort that the owner puts into making its great-tasting hotdogs way different from any commercial product.


8th Wonder Brewery

Beer connoisseurs would just be excited to go and visit this place just for its variety of beers alone. The Brewery is located at 2202 Dallas St, Houston, TX 77003. When people enter the store, they will immediately comment that it has a large outdoor sitting area, and the place has a casual atmosphere, easily a good place for friends to just hangout. The range of beer choices they are offering is amazing, plus the staff is helpful and informative. They will happily let you sample the assortments of beers.

With its warehouse-like beer hall and enormous open space out back with covered tables, it’s plenty of room for kids, dogs, games, or just hanging out with friends. Call their number to make reservations and to inquire about the beer flavors available – (713) 581-2337. To make the visit memorable, they offer a deal for $15 you get a souvenir glass and 3 beers.

This list is just the icing on top. Food lovers who roam around the downtown area knows that its the best place too look for “The Best Cheap Places to Eat in Downtown Houston“.

Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack

The great thing about a burger joint is that with a burger, you already know what to expect. There is no fancy name for a dish, or you don’t need to be asking the contents of the meal. Bubba’s Burger is located at 5230 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77056, which is underneath the 69 highways near S Rice Ave. It’s a very casual place and low key with good parking space. You order your burger at the counter inside and wait at the tables outside. A beef burger costs about $5.75. If you order 2 burgers and drinks then it will only cost you about $15. The establishment makes excellent flavorful burgers that will attract customers again and again. The store’s number is (713) 661-1622.