Best Cheap Places to Eat in Downtown Houston

If you’ve driving around downtown Houston and looking for a place to eat and hang out, then this list of food places will be great to explore. What’s great about this list is that all of them sell great-tasting and affordable food that you’ll just want to keep on returning for another visit.

aside from the downtown area there are lots of places to eat cheap and tasty meals. Check out this article “Best Cheap Places to Eat in Houston“.

Top 5 Best Cheap Places to Eat in Downtown Houston:

  • Truck Yard
  • Bird Haus
  • Finn Hall
  • La Calle Tacos
  • Bravery Chef Hall

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During rush hour the city’s downtown area could be crowded so you might have to spend some time finding a nice parking area. During these times, patience is the key.


Truck Yard

The joint is located at 2118 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77003, which is near the Convention Center, just a 10 min walk from the Minute Maid Baseball Stadium. The Truck Yard is open 11 am to 2 am every day, and it’s a generally fun place to walk around and do people watching. The establishment is huge and has so much outdoor space that droves of people will be able to fill the area. It’s actually a good place to spend your Sunday afternoon.

They serve burgers, chicken, and steaks with all that greasy goodness, and a selection of booze to pair along with the food. To people who consider themselves songbirds, they can reserve private karaoke rooms – just make sure to call ahead on their number (713) 855-9666 to make reservations.


Bird Haus

This Chicken serving restaurant is located at 1010 Prairie St, Houston, TX 77002. It’s a convenient palace to go and eat because its inside the conservatory. So, customers can enjoy great-tasting fried chicken while appreciating the aesthetic beauty of the conservatory — the prices of the menu range from $3 mac and cheese to $15 for bigger meals. If you’re looking around the area for a place to eat without much money in your pocket, then this place is great to visit. (832) 592-7914 – this is the store’s contact details.


Finn Hall

The food place opened in 2018. It’s located at 712 Main St, Houston, TX 77002, which is placed at the beautiful and historic Jones Building, Finn Hall has a lot of food establishments that food lovers would like. Lots of places to visit. There are more than 9 restaurants and 2 bars currently operating. There is live music being played, and the ambiance is accommodating which would be great to invite friends over for a visit. Of course, a European themed food hall won’t be without a beautiful open art display. For people who are interested in knowing the restaurants stationed at the food court, they can contact the establishment’s number – (713) 357-5115.


La Calle Tacos

What great way to roam around downtown Houston then to have a taco in your hands while sightseeing. Many times over Mexican food has proven to be a diverse cuisine of excellent food across the country, and La Calle Tacos is no different. A lot of customers would even give the Mexican restaurant a strong 5 rating for its great food.

The establishment is located at 909 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002, which is a crowd favorite among people in the downtown area. When people enter the store, they would feel that they’ve been transported far away to another country. There is Mexican music playing and some Mexican football match playing on the tv. All of this just adds to the appeal of the place. The restaurant’s contact number is (832) 735-8226 for people having inquiries about their service.


Bravery Chef Hall

This is another food hall on the list. It seems that the food court fever is sweeping all over Houston, popping up all over the place. Bravery Chef Hall, which is located at 409 Travis St Suite A, Houston, TX 77002 can be considered as the best food court at downtown because of its upscale food concept. The place is a platform for talented chefs and bartenders to ply their craft.

The wine bar is the centerpiece, while all the other establishments seem to revolve around it. People can buy fine wine bottles for about $30, and the food is a blend of different flavors and cultures. They serve different kinds of pasta – Italian, sushi – Japanese, Vietnamese dishes, BBQ and more. Those interested to inquire can call Bravery Chef Hall’s management – (713) 909-0691.