What Time Of Year Is Best For Gutter Cleaning in Atlanta, GA?

Gutter cleaning should be done in Atlanta a minimum of twice a year, once in the spring after seeds and pollen have fallen, and again in the late fall after the majority of tree leaves have dropped. Homes near pine trees may need gutter cleaning more often as pine trees drop needles year round. Gutters should also be checked and cleared by a professional after large storms where debris may have fallen into the gutters. Here are the details on the best times of year for gutter cleaning.


  • Gutter cleaning needs to be done in the late spring after seeds and pollen have fallen. This is also a great time to catch things that may have fallen into the gutters during the winter and to have them inspected prior to any heavy late spring or summer storms. These storms can drop a very large amount of rainwater in a very short period of time and if there are any obstructions in the gutters like leaves, twigs, dirt, or debris they will cause water to back up and overflow.
  • Late fall is the most important time of year for professional gutter cleaning. Heavy leaf drops can clog a gutter system in as little as a day. Even the slightest amount of rainfall will get trapped and overflow – causing expensive damage to your home or landscape, or creating unsafe areas around your home.
  • Homes with pine trees need year round cleaning and care. Pine trees drop needles year round which can cause real problems for gutters. Pine needles can create a thick mat that obstructs water from just a handful of needles. Pine needles can also make their way through screens and guards effortlessly.
  • Homes in areas with large amounts of neighboring trees – such as in Atlanta, are more likely to need multiple professional gutter cleaning services each year due to the increase in leaves and debris. Gutter maintenance programs are a great option for these areas – especially with homeowners who want to save on each cleaning.


With professional gutter cleaning twice a year or more it is very reasonable to expect your gutters to perform as designed regardless of what the weather brings. Our local technicians can safely clean your entire gutter system and have it working perfectly in only a few hours and for a very reasonable price. Click or call for a free quote with no obligation or home appointment needed from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning today and get your gutters back to work!