How Do You Clean Gutters On A Two Story House in Atlanta, GA?

Second story gutter cleaning in Atlanta is very hazardous and should never be attempted by a typical homeowner. Professional gutter cleaning companies like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning are very cautious and safety minded in general and especially when working on high roofs and second story homes. Here are the reasons why.


  • Gutter cleaning is hazardous by nature and even more so when working on two story homes. Obviously, working from the ground is out of the question with upper floors. The roof has to be safely accessed and in most cases, additional ladders have to be set up to reach the upper floors. Not only is there the risk of falling off of the roof there is also the risk of ladders and other equipment falling off if it is not set up correctly.
  • Upper stories are more likely to be obstructed by branches and other obstacles. Many upper roof surfaces are obstructed by tree branches, solar panels, electronic devices, and other items. These are all hazardous to work around and present a greater chance that an accident could happen.
  • Electric wires have to be safely worked around. The place where your electrical service enters the house is typically located high up on the home or roof. It is usually in the way of things like gutters which are usually added after a home is built. The electrical service wires are no laughing matter and are very very hazardous to work around. Hitting them with a ladder, dislodging them, or otherwise disturbing them should never be done by a homeowner. The voltage coming into your house through these wires is life-threatening.
  • Safety gear such as harnesses and ropes can come into play with second story gutter cleaning. These allow professionals to safely work on the roof. Knowing how to properly attach safety points, anchors, and use harness is intended for professionals who can accurately decide what kind and how much safety gear is needed for your home. Working on the roof without it by a homeowner is highly dangerous and potentially life-threatening.
  • Once the upper roof surfaces have been safely accessed by a professional, cleaning takes place according to normal methods. Debris has to be carried down from the upper roofs to the lower areas for proper disposal.


Many homeowners are fooled into thinking that they can clean their gutters from the ground using a long wand or tube attached to a hose, leaf blower, or vacuum. Simply put, you cannot get even remotely good results this way and they are essentially a waste of money.


The simplest, most worry-free and cost effective way to have clean gutters is to hire a professional to provide the service. Regardless of how tall your home is, our local technicians know exactly how to handle it and have all of the proper equipment to do it efficiently and in the safest way possible. Click or call Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning today for a fast and free quote with no home appointment required.