How Do Professionals Clean Gutters in Atlanta, GA?

Professional gutter cleaning companies in Atlanta like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning use a variety of processes and techniques to effectively and quickly clean your gutters. From clearing gutters by hand to using vacuums and blowers, professionals clean gutters in the safest and most efficient ways possible. Here is how we do it.


  • Gutters can be cleaned by hand from a ladder. For most single story homes with traditional roof shapes, gutters can usually be cleaned very effectively by hand from an extension ladder securely placed against the edge of the roof. Professionals use ladder stand offs to protect the edge of the gutter and to stabilize the ladder making it safer to work on. Cleaning by hand involves using a tool to remove the leaves, debris, and mud that has built up in the section of gutter being cleaned and either placing it in a bucket for disposal or dropping it to the ground where it can be blown into the landscaping or removed.
  • Gutters can also be cleaned from the roof edge by hand, with blowers, or with vacuums. This process puts the cleaning technician on top of the roof surface and they move along the edge cleaning it as they go. They will also dislodge and remove any accumulated leaves in areas like roof valleys near the gutters to prevent those leaves from falling into the gutters as well.
  • Downspouts may have to be loosened or removed to clean. The downspouts coming from the gutters along the wall and down to the ground where the water flows out may need to be loosened or removed to properly clear them of debris, especially if they have become dented or damaged. A clog in a downspout is especially dangerous because of the weight of the water and pressure it is under. Downspouts have been known to burst or pull away from the wall and fall off.
  • Gutters should also be inspected as a part of the process. This means looking at the hangers or brackets that attach the gutters to the roof edge or fascia, looking at the hangers and attachments holding the downspouts, and checking all of the joints and ends of the gutters for leaks. This is usually done visually but it can also involve running water through the system to check the water flow and downspout function. There is no point in doing the cleaning if the system is not checked and inspected for problems that are only going to cause bigger issues down the road.

The methods used by professionals to clean gutters in Atlanta are as varied as there are companies. The local technicians from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning are going to assess what method will work best for your home before starting any work and they will complete a thorough inspection along the way – something not every gutter cleaning company out there does. Click or call to get your free, no obligation quote for professional gutter cleaning – without a home appointment -from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning today.