Do You Really Need Gutters in Atlanta, GA?

Rain gutters and downspouts play an important role in protecting your home from damage and your family from hazards. It is very important in Atlanta to have gutters where the combination of weather, trees, and other factors really make a difference. Here are the reasons why.


  • The weather in Atlanta. Atlanta has generally lovely weather due in part to its inland location. But the weather can be erratic and it can be extreme at times in Atlanta too. Atlanta receives over 51 inches of rain each year – more than Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and way more than the national average. All of this rainfall has to go somewhere when it lands on your roof. Without gutters the rain will just pour off the edges of your roof causing quite a few problems including landscape damage, wood rot, mold, mildew, foundation cracks, leaks, window and door leaks, and more.
  • Trees have impact and not just because they can cause gutter clogs. Trees – and there are a lot of trees in Atlanta, can act like a roof over your roof, causing more rain than expected to land on yours. So in addition to the leaves, branches, seeds, and debris that trees cause twice a year or more, they can also add to the huge amount of rainwater your home has to endure. And without gutters and downspouts, all that rain is likely at some point to end up in your house.
  • Gutters help protect your home from damage. As we’ve said above, the large amount of rainfall in Atlanta has to go somewhere. Gutters and downspouts that are installed correctly and maintained properly with regular gutter cleaning – carry rainwater safely from your roof to a spot away from your home. This has an enormous impact on keeping your house leak-free, mold and mildew-free, as well as preventing other damage and decay along the way.
  • Gutters help protect your family from hazards. Large puddles, falling woodwork, leaking roofs, and all the rest are hazardous to you and your family. A simple leak into your basement can quickly turn into a mold and mildew mess which is very dangerous to you especially if you have small children or anyone with asthma or breathing problems living in your home. The cost to take care of it is sky-high too! Water outdoors creates slip and fall hazards, damaged wood work that can fall, peeling paint, and so many more problems. None of which are especially good for you or your family.


Having gutters on your home in Atlanta is not a luxury. It is safe and affordable protection for your home and family. But the key is that like everything else in your home – it has to be done correctly and maintained properly. Regular gutter cleaning by a professional service like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is required to keep them functioning correctly, letting them do their job to protect you and your home. Click or call to get your free, no obligation quote without a home appointment from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning today.