Are Gutter Guards Worth It In Atlanta, GA?

The idea behind gutter guards and screens is to create a barrier to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the gutters and causing a clog. Atlanta is known for its abundance of trees and it may seem to make sense to put screens over your gutters to help prevent this from happening and to save yourself from needing gutter cleaning. But neither of these are true. Let’s look at the reasons why gutter guard aren’t worth it:


  • Gutter guards and screens create a barrier which is a good and bad thing. It makes sense to try and prevent leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris from falling into your gutters. These will all cause clogs which can make your gutters overflow and cause damage or just to fill up with water which will cause leaks and damage to your roof. What happens with guards and screens is that the debris you have prevented from going into the gutter is now stuck on top of them. When this happens, water cannot properly enter the gutter and be carried safely away from your home as designed.
  • The leaves and debris stuck on top of the guards or screens traps water causing leaks, mold, and rot. Water is always going to find a way to become trapped in the pile of leaves stuck on top of the guards or screens. Roofs and woodwork are not meant to have water sitting on them for any long period of time. Quickly, water will find its way into holes in your roof causing leaks, rot, and mold.
  • Gutter guards and screens do not mean that you don’t have to have your gutters cleaned. Quite the opposite and even the gutter guard companies will tell you the same thing. Guards and screens may delay or cut down on how often you have to have them cleaned but it does not relieve you from cleaning them at all. And cleaning gutters after they are installed costs more because they have to be removed and then reinstalled for the cleaning.
  • Guards and screens are easily damaged causing bigger problems. These add-ons are often made of thin plastic, wire screen, or light weight metal – none of which are intended to have a branch fall on them or hold up to much weight. When they become damaged, dented, or pushed in they will cause a clog immediately which will overflow the first time it rains.


The last factor has to do with cost. Having gutter guards or screens installed on the average home in Atlanta can cost up to $3,000 or more. The installer may offer free gutter cleaning for as long as you own the home (see, they know you still have to clean the gutters) – but how many years of professional gutter cleaning could you afford instead? In many cases, the cost of having gutter guards installed is equal to up to 12 years of professional cleaning. Doesn’t seem worth it, does it? Click or call to get your free, no obligation quote without a home appointment from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning today.