A Better Way Of Spending Time In St Louis

Spring is in the air all around us. The trees are turning out buds. The daffodils (and dandelions) are blooming and the weeks are getting warmer and warmer. Things are getting green again. It’s time to do spring cleaning.

A critical part of Spring cleaning in the St. Louis area is cleaning the rain gutters and downspouts. What a disgusting rancid job.

Stinking your hands into all that muck is just plain gross. Oh going up and down the ladder with a bucket and hose is back breaking work too. The ground gets very wet and muddy and slick and if use a pressure washer there is water and 110 electricity in the same plane and that isn’t going to end well. Then if your ladder is metal, there is all kinds of bad that can happen here.

Not only that, but we have to remember, you have the Cardinals and the Blues to watch. After all you have to set priorities.

So you have eliminated doing the job yourself. But who should you get to do it?

Perhaps you should hire the local handyman. You have used him before to help assemble that crazy swing set. But does he have all the right equipment to get it done?

What happens if he gets hurt?

Oh man, is he going to catch any soft spots in the fascia?

Is he trained to spot it?

If he doesn’t then there are several months that rot and Black Mold can set in.

Guess the handyman is not the best option here either.

That only leaves one smart choice for the savvy American homeowner. Yep you guessed it it the Professional Gutter Cleaning Service.

There are some more advantages to using a Professional Gutter Cleaning Service than just watching sports. You’ll be able to walk the Lewis and Clark Trail near the Missouri River Bluffs. The wife has been bugging you to go there for a couple years now….

What? You want more advantages? Ok, how about that they are typically bonded and insured? You can even put them on a seasonal schedule for both Spring and Fall. This makes the task completely worry free.

Oh, and one last thing… You don’t have to spend all weekend at the ER with a broken leg…Saved the best for last!

Springtime in St. Louis, there is no place on earth like it.

Go ahead and schedule the gutter cleaning. Go and enjoy all the things there is to do here and don’t waste a beautiful weekend cleaning those gutters.

We have the equipment and skill sets to get it done right.